Auto Accident 

If you have been injured in an auto accident

  • Do not give a recorded or written statement, except to the police or your own insurance carrier.

  • Do not sign anything without an attorney reviewing it first.

  • Take pictures. Take photographs of the property damage and accident scene. Take pictures of any scarring or bruising.

  • Do not discuss your injuries with the at-fault insurance company. You should discuss only the damage to your car and the need for a rental car or “loss of use” compensation.

  • Do not agree to an “independent” medical exam with anyone, including your own insurance company, without first speaking to an attorney.


The Auto Accident Police Report

For many auto accidents there is a police report. Although this is certainly a good place to start, the police report in and of itself does not determine who was at fault, even if one or more drivers in the car accident were cited for traffic violation.

The police officer investigating an auto accident can cite a driver for traffic violation, but the police officer is not a judge, and does not have legal authority to make a final determination about who was at fault.

The police report is hearsay, and any witness statements quoted or summarized in the police report are also hearsay.

Medical Attention for Auto Accident Related Injury

If you have any doubts, seek medical attention for your injury either at the emergency room or as soon as possible with your primary care physician.

Any delay in care could exacerbate your injuries.

Also, your injuries require documentation. Without documentation, any claim you might pursue later could be adversely affected.

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