Compensation for Your Injuries

Legally‚ there are two types of courts and claims: criminal and civil. If a bus company is found guilty of a criminal charge‚ such as negligence or reckless endangerment‚ they will face a judge in a criminal court. This court will decide if the actions of the company warrant imprisonment‚ a monetary fine‚ or community service‚ and no financial compensation is awarded. You will‚ however‚ be allowed to take the bus company to civil court‚ even if they are not found guilty of criminal charges. In a civil court‚ you will seek compensation‚ and a judge and/or jury will decide on the amount.

During the trial‚ the bus company may offer you an upfront payment known as a “settlement.” If you choose to accept this amount‚ you will have to drop your charges against the bus company. If you do not believe that the amount is sufficient‚ you can choose to proceed with your charges. The final decision is yours to make‚ and your attorney will only be able to advise you. However‚ it is important to note that bus and transportation companies are notorious for offering exceptionally low settlement amounts to accident victims.

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