Hit and Run

Prove Liability If the Driver Is Known

The driver who caused the accident is sometimes caught after a hit and run accident. This person usually faces some type of criminal charges. You will still need to prove liability in your civil case even if the driver is convicted criminally. Proving liability is a highly technical process that requires a good knowledge of the law. A lawyer will help by trying to establishing all the legal requirements to show that the driver was responsible for the hit and run accident. This is important since both courts and insurance companies need to see liability before any compensation is paid..


Take the Case to Trial

Hit and run cases can become very complex and messy especially if there are insurance companies and other parties involved. This means a settlement might not be possible. The only option left will be to take the case to trial. You need an attorney with litigation experience to have the best chance of winning. A lawyer with years of experience can fight for your rights and for fair compensation in court against even the largest opponents.

Hit and run accidents are particularly brutal and traumatic. They create many problems afterwards especially if the driver cannot be found. You could be left pleading with an insurance company for just a small amount of compensation. This is why you need to contact a lawyer right away. A personal injury attorney can do many things for you after a hit and run accident.

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