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Personal Injury


This is one of the most common injury situations. As such, many of the injuries have been standardized and the liable party maybe looking to resolve things quickly and move on. Our clients’ interest are always at the heart of what we seek. As such, knowing the facts and nature of injuries is paramount for a speedy and healthy financial recovery. more info


Such accidents tend to present many injuries and, at times, long term incapacity or limited mobility. Allow yourself to obtain the best treatment possible for full personal rehabilitation and maximum financial benefits. more info


In such incidents, our attorneys realize that having the time to pursue commercial insurance providers is key to recovery. As such, time and investigation is key to discovering the nature of liability and wrong-doing. more info


Mass transit accidents awesome of the most devastating tragedies; they tear families apart and present many challenges in proof of liability. Do not be fooled by low-ball offers by insurance companies. Let California Defense, P.C. fight and obtain the best result for you! more info



Such accidents occur daily in metropolitan areas. Although many of the indents clearly point to driver negligence, there is a high degree of contributory fault that a bicyclist may not be aware of. Through careful examination of facts and circumstances, we approach such cases in order to obtain the maximum recovery. more info


Usually such incidents involve commercial insurers with deep litigation pockets. Do not attempt to settle a claim like this quickly as an unrepresented party is usually an easy prey for such large insurance companies. more info


Usually such incidents involve commercial insurers with deep litigation pockets. Do Whenever you’ve been injured and the liable party has made a run for it without collaborating and ascertaining liability, it is crucial to approach the incident both as a civil and criminal matter. Allow the experienced attorneys at California Defense, P.C. to fight for you on every front and bring the guilty party to justice NOW!


Although common, many of these incidents result in lengthy disputes due to the inadvertent “he said, she said” and the fair difficulty in proof of liability and negligence. Call California Defense, P.C. for a free consultation to examine your claim and seek maximum recovery! more info

We take a great deal of pride in knowing our clients’ cases inside and out. In time of physical and emotional injury, it is our mission to investigate closely and fight aggressively for our injured clients. The key in any cases where a person has sustained an injury is to evaluate the health of the injured party. Upon a clear diagnosis of such injury, it is our duty bring the responsible party to the table and fight for a maximum recovery!