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I was in a car accident. I knew I was injured from the moment of impact, but after the accident, I didn’t know what to do.  I didn’t go to the doctor for over 8 weeks. I was advised to seek legal representation, and I spoke with a few attorneys. None of them wanted me as the client because I had not gone to the emergency room the day of the accident. Finally, a friend who had been injured in an accident the year before told me to call California Injury, PLC. After a 15-minute call, they took my case, and I was on my way to see a doctor. I got the treatment I needed with a wonderful doctor close to my home for three months. I feel great again! My medical bills are paid off, I received a check from California Injury, PLC, and I just got the money for my car!  I am so thankful I made the call to California Injury, PLC!!!


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